An overview of recent (and growingly less recent) photos taken by me or of me.

All images are copyrighted by Hayko Riemenschneider, 2005-2020.

National Geographic's Toxic nudibranchs!National Geographic's Toxic nudibranchs in my living room!, November 2009.
Mogersdorf! Mogersdorf, August 2009.
Familie Flöz Workshop, La Strada! Familie Flöz Workshop, La Strada, August 2009.
Waterfall near Murursprung! Waterfall near Murursprung, August 2009.
Muhr water games! Muhr water games, August 2009.
Cooking recipes of Leonard Goffine! Cooking recipes of Leonard Goffine, August 2009.
Käsegewitter at Grüner See! Käsegewitter at Grüner See, July 2009.
Grüner See, Tragöß! Grüner See, Tragöß, July 2009.
Hängematte Sonne! Hängematte Sonne, May 2009.
Stargate in Schlossberglift Graz! Stargate in Schlossberglift Graz, May 2009.
Schifferl versenken! Schifferl versenken, May 2009.
Herz-Jesu church glowing in night fog in Graz! Herz-Jesu church glowing in night fog in Graz, November 2008.
Water drops on a shingles roof, Wallendorf! Water drops on a shingles roof, Wallendorf, December 2005.
Decorations inside Alhambra in Granada! Decorations inside Alhambra in Granada, December 2005.
Train station in Jennersdorf! Train station in Jennersdorf, September 2005.
K-141 stencil in Venice! K-141 stencil in Venice, August 2005.
Piha Beach with Mike! Piha Beach with Mike, February 2005.